Pool Rules

PLEASE NOTE: Everytime your pool admin logs in they are logged in as a user. The pool admin has the ability to switch to Admin mode and then they can change users picks and confidence points for locked games, see users picks for upcomming games that are hidden and manage all users settings. Please contact your pool admin for any setting you need completed.

Weekly Pool

Each week constitutes a new pool. You may play as many or as few weeks as you like but you are allowed only one entry per week. Your pool administrator is responsible for determining what you are playing for each week. When making an entry, you must assign confidence points to each game. The point values range from one to however many games there are that week and you may use each number only once. You should assign the highest point values to the picks you are most confident about. Your score will be the total confidence points of the games you picked to win. The winner for each week will be the player with the highest score. In the event of a tie, the amount will be split between the users with the highest score.

Making and Changing Weekly Entries

When filling in an entry form, you do not have to make a pick for each game. This is helpful if there are early games scheduled for a given week (games played on a Thursday or Saturday). You may make your picks for these games beforehand and complete the rest later.

Locked Games

Games are automatically locked out at the first game for day. So if there are games at 1:00pm, 4:00pm and 8:30pm, all games for that day will lock at 1:00pm.

This site is driven by Eastern Standard Time.

You may change your pick for any game up until the time that game is locked.

Entries must be completed on time. Once a game is locked, you may not change your pick for it. If you did not make a pick for a particular game, it is counted as a loss. If you submit a partial entry and either forget or are unable to complete it, you are still responsible for the entry fee.

The Administrator may make exceptions for any circumstances on an individual basis. By participating you agree to abide by the above rules and accept any decisions made by your pool admin

If you have trouble accessing the site, logging in or otherwise completing your entry, please contact your pool admin for help.

Survivor Pool

This pool is separate from the weekly picks pool. If you choose to participate, you must enter during the first week (or whichever week your Pool Administrator has chosen to start the pool). The amount you play for is determined by your Pool Administrator. The pool runs over the entire regular season, but the pool admin determines the start week for this pool. So you can start this pool at anytime in the season. Each week, you must pick one team among those playing that you think will win its game. You can use each team only once. The goal of the survivor pool is to outlast your fellow players. If your team wins, you survive and continue on to the next week. If your team loses, it counts as a miss. If you don't make a pick it counts as a miss. Your Pool Administrator determines how many misses you have before you are out of the pool. When only one player remains, he or she wins the pot. If more than one player survives to the end of the regular season, they will split the pot equally.

As with the weekly pool, you may make or change your pick up until the games for that particular week are locked. If you pick a team playing an early game, you cannot change that pick once that game is locked. Likewise, you cannot pick a team whose game has been locked.

Playoffs Pools

This pool works similar to a weekly pool with some minor differences. All the postseason games are included. Scoring is the same as in a weekly pool.

Entries are broken up into individual playoff rounds:

  • Wild Card Games (four games)
  • Divisional Playoffs (four games)
  • Conference Championships (two games)
  • Super Bowl

Once the website has set the opposing teams for each game in a round, you can make your picks for those games. As with the weekly pools, you can make or change any pick until those games are locked.

All games for a given round are locked at the start time of the first game for that day.

After all games in the current round have been decided, the website will set the games for the next round. You must then go back to the entry form and make your picks for them.

To make picks, view results and find additional information, see the site map.

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